University General Course Catalog 2018-2019 
    May 20, 2019  
University General Course Catalog 2018-2019

Academic Probation

Undergraduate students are placed on academic probation when their cumulative University of Nevada GPA is below 2.0 at the end of any regular semester (Fall and Spring).  Academic standing is not updated if grade replacements are processed after standing has been assigned for the semester.

Students who are placed on Academic Probation will receive a letter notifying them of their academic status (First or Second-Semester Probation). Admissions and Records will place a registration/advisement hold on each probationary student’s record.

Release from University Probation: Undergraduate students are removed from Probation at the end of the next regular semester in which their University of Nevada cumulative GPA rises above 2.0.

Program Probation: A school or college may place a student on Probation whenever satisfactory progress toward degree objectives is not maintained. Satisfactory progress is defined by criteria established by the student’s school or college. The credit load of a student on Probation is determined in consultation with the assigned advisor and, when necessary, the dean of the appropriate school or college.

Release from Program Probation: The school or college defines release from program probation.