University General Course Catalog 2021-2022 
    Nov 29, 2022  

Grades, Marks, and Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grades and Marks

The following grades may appear on a University of Nevada, Reno transcript:

  • A” the highest grade, is given for work of exceptional quality. Each credit earned with a grade of “A” carries 4.0 grade points.
  • A-” carries 3.7 grade points for each credit earned.
  • B+” carries 3.3 grade points for each credit earned.
  • B” is awarded for better-than-average work. Each credit earned with a grade of “B” carries 3.0 grade points.
  • B-” carries 2.7 grade points for each credit earned.
  • C+” carries 2.3 grade points for each credit earned.
  • C” represents average work. Each credit earned with a grade of “C” carries 2.0 grade points.
  • C-” carries 1.7 grade points for each credit earned.
  • D+” carries 1.3 grade points for each credit earned.
  • D” carries 1.0 grade point for each credit earned.
  • D-” carries 0.7 grade points for each credit earned. “D-” is the lowest passing grade for which undergraduate credit is allowed.
  • F” represents failure. No credit or grade points are earned with a grade of “F.” Failed courses count as credits attempted.
  • S” and “U” indicate satisfactory or unsatisfactory performance in courses offered with this grading option, noncredit courses and completed graduate courses involving a thesis or dissertation. A grade of “S” indicates achievement equivalent to a “C” or above for undergraduate courses. A grade of “U” represents performance equivalent to a “C-” or below. For graduate courses, a grade of “S” indicates achievement equivalent to a “B” or above. The grade of “U” represents performance equivalent to a “B-” or below. Neither the “S” nor “U” grades are assigned a grade-point value.
  • AD” indicates audit and is given when a student registers in a course for no credit and no grade.
  • W” signifies that a course has been dropped or that a student has withdrawn from the university with passing grades. The grade of “W” is not included in the grade-point average. After the first 60% of the class, an “F” is given to students who are failing when they withdraw from the university.
  • I” is a neutral mark given at the end of term of enrollment and represents incomplete academic work. An “I” may be given when a student is performing passing work, but for reasons beyond the student’s control is unable to complete a portion of the course requirements during the instructional period. An “I” mark is excluded from grade-point average computation. No more than 20% of the course requirements should be incomplete to utilize this policy. Non-attendance, poor performance, or requests to repeat the course are unacceptable reasons for issuance of the “I” mark. Students with an “I” mark are not permitted to attend future terms without current enrollment to make up work for an incomplete. The assignment of an “I” mark is at the discretion of the instructor.
    If the student’s request for an “I” mark is approved by the instructor, the instructor should indicate the specific work and associated deadlines that are necessary to complete the course. Deadlines should take into account the required grade filing by the end of the next regular semester but may be set by the instructor before that time. Students should not re-register for the course to complete an “I”. Marks of “I” are automatically changed to “F” or “U” if a grade is not filed by the last day of the next regular semester (Summer Session excluded) or if the student re-registers for the course. The outstanding work must be submitted to the student’s instructor by the instructor’s deadline; the instructor is responsible for reporting the final grade. The required approvals must be included on the Grade Report for Incomplete form before the form can be filed in the Office of Admissions and Records. The extension of an “I” mark for one semester may be requested. A completed and approved Request for Incomplete Extension form must be filed by the instructor in the Office of Admissions and Records at least two weeks before the end of the semester in which the approved “I” mark expires. Students are not permitted to graduate with an outstanding “I” mark issued under this policy.
  • X” signifies a course that is in progress. Students cannot graduate with Xs or incompletes.
  • H/HP/P/F” indicates the grades of honors/high pass/pass/or fail for selected medical school courses.
  • R” signifies Replaced. An individual course grade replaced under academic forgiveness (will not calculate into GPA).
  • AR” signifies Academic Renewal. All course grades within a term removed according to institutional academic renewal policy (will not calculate into GPA).

Examinations, Grades, and Grade Point Average (GPA)

Examinations: Instructors are responsible for the proper evaluation of enrolled students throughout the instructional period.

Final Grades: Instructors are responsible for determining and submitting final grades in MyNEVADA. Once posted in MyNEVADA, grades become official records of the university. The grades shown on the grade rosters in MyNEVADA are considered final unless the student files a Grade Appeal within 10 working days after the start of the next spring or fall semester (whichever comes first) after the grade is assigned. Application for grade changes utilizing the Grade Replacement Policy will not be considered after degree conferral. Appeals to this policy will not be considered after a degree has been conferred. 

Grade Point Average: The grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing the sum of the earned grade points by the total number of credits attempted for a regular letter grade. The “I,” “AD,” “W,” “X,” “S” and “U” marks are excluded in computing the GPA.

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree may not apply credits or grade points in University courses numbered below 100 toward a four-year degree or to raise their GPA. Credits and coursework from other institutions do not alter the University GPA.