University General Course Catalog 2021-2022 
    Aug 10, 2022  
University General Course Catalog 2021-2022
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AGSC 416 - Internship

(1 to 3 units) CO14
Coordinated work-study programs in industry or government under the direction of a faculty advisor. Written progress reports are prepared periodically and at the conclusion of the internship.

Maximum units a student may earn: 6

Grading Basis: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
Offered: Every Fall and Spring

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. articulate and demonstrate improvement in professional etiquette - exhibit courteous, considerate, professional and respectful conduct.
2. articulate and demonstrate team work, collaboration and leadership.
3. demonstrate professionally relevant competencies and relationships in a professional setting.
4. communicate work assignments and learner outcomes.

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