University General Course Catalog 2012-2013 
    Sep 21, 2020  

Graduate Programs - Business

Graduate Programs Advanced Degrees

The College of Business (COB) offers the following advanced degrees:

  1. Master of Accountancy  (M.Acc.)
  2. Master of Business Administration  (M.B.A.)
  3. Economics, M.S. Plan A: (Non-Thesis) 
  4. Economics, M.S. Plan B: (Thesis) 
  5. Economics, M.A. 
  6. Finance, M.S. 
  7. Information Systems (M.S.I.S.)
  8. Executive Master of Business Administration  (E.M.B.A.)
  9. Doctor of Philosophy in Economics 

The college also offers a graduate minor in business administration  .

The Master of Arts degrees in Economics requires the successful completion and defense of a thesis (Plan B). Plan A (non-thesis) is available to candidates for the Master of Science in Economics, Master of Business Administration degree and Master of Accountancy degrees.

Differential Fee

In April 2011, the Nevada Board of Regents approved a differential fee tuition program to go into effect fall 2011 for master of accountancy (MAcc), master of business administration (MBA), master of science in finance (MSF), and master of science in information systems (MSIS). This involves a course fee in the amount of $100 per credit for graduate level courses in accounting (ACC), business administration (BADM), business (BUS), entrepreneurship (ENT), gaming management (GAM), finance (FIN), information systems (IS), management (MGT), and marketing (MKT). These additional fees will support financial aid of students in the programs, as well as enhance the curriculum and services to the program’s students.

Graduate Special Classification

Graduate special classification applies to students who (1) do not wish to pursue a program leading to an advanced degree; (2) wish to pursue a program leading to an advanced degree, but need to complete additional undergraduate course work or take an examination in order to meet the admission requirements for graduate standing; or (3) can demonstrate that they meet all the requirements for admission to graduate standing, but are unable to complete the application for admission prior to registration.

With graduate special classification, students are normally not allowed to enroll in graduate business courses, but may enroll for undergraduate credit in the College of Business. Graduate special students must have the written approval of the director of graduate programs, in advance, in order to register for graduate-level courses in the college.

International students who are on a student visa are not eligible for admission to the graduate special classification.

Graduate Standing

Graduate standing classification is for those students who wish to pursue a program leading to an advanced degree. In order to be admitted to a graduate program in the College of Business, students must meet all program admission requirements to achieve graduate standing.