University General Course Catalog 2016-2017 
    Jun 24, 2024  

Center for Program Evaluation

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Through an approach known as partnership evaluation, the Center of Program Evaluation (CPE) provides an alternative to traditional evaluation services by working in partnership with those who strive to improve the quality of life in their communities. CPE focuses on three primary areas of specialization: health and wellness, youth development and education and community and family services

CPE has collaborated on grant proposals and projects with many University of Nevada, Reno units. The Center for Program Evaluation has also worked with many government and community agencies and non-profit organizations.

CPE Programs and Services

The Center for Program Evaluation provides a range of services from technical assistance to full external evaluations to numerous organizations and agencies using a partnership evaluation model. Partnership evaluation represents a shared and active approach to critical inquiry, with evaluators sharing the responsibility and commitment for evaluation with community and program stakeholders. Evaluators and stakeholders work together to assess programs or organizations and use information gleaned from the evaluation to inform decision-making and improve programs and systems.

Unlike more traditional research and evaluation designs, partnership evaluation designs are more evolutionary in nature–methodology and questions emerge as program processes evolve and as preliminary finding reveal new directions and program impacts not identified at the outset of the process. Our program evaluations blend traditional research methods and reporting, such as pre-post surveys and technical reports, with alternative methods and reporting strategies as dictated by program and client needs.

Three focal service areas of the Center for Program Evaluation are:

  • Securing grants and contracts to provide quality evaluation services for new initiatives, programs and service delivery systems both independently and in collaboration with the University faculty and community-based partners.
  • Increasing the capacity of UNR faculty, community based organizations, and educational and health systems in Nevada through ongoing evaluation training, support, and technical assistance.
  • Providing high quality training experiences to promote evaluation as a profession to help meet the growing demand for program evaluation services.

Graduate Programs

Evaluation Training Institute. Since 2004, CPE has offered several program evaluation courses through the organization’s annual Evaluation Training Institute (ETI). Course selection varies each year.