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University of Nevada, Reno    
  Jul 24, 2017

Economics, B.A.

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This program is intended for economics majors desiring a curriculum that emphasizes a foundation in the social sciences. Candidates for this degree are required to successfully complete a fourth semester college course in a foreign language or show evidence of equivalent proficiency.

I. University Core Curriculum Requirements (33-43 units)

NOTE: Refer to the Core Curriculum  chapter of this catalog for information regarding  the “Core English and Math Completion Policy”.

A. English (3-8 units)

Refer to the “English” section of the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog.

NOTE: Students who place in ENG 102  are not required to complete ENG 101 .

B. Mathematics (3 units)

  Refer to the “Mathematics” section of the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog.

  • MATH 176 - Introductory Calculus for Business and Social Sciences (3 units)

  • NOTE: Students who take MATH 126R  in preparation for MATH 176  can apply these units toward non-business electives.

    In regards to MATH 128  and above, sequencing rules in effect for many Math courses prohibit students from earning credit for a lower numbered Math course after receiving credit for a higher numbered Math course. Sequencing rules are included in the course descriptions of applicable courses.

C. Natural Sciences (6-8 units)

Refer to the Natural Sciences (Group A) section of the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog. 

Refer to the Natural Sciences (Group B) section of the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog. 

E. Fine Arts (3 units)

Refer to the “Fine Arts” section of the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog.

F. Core Humanities (9 units)

Refer to the “Core Humanities” section of the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog.

G. Capstone Courses (6 units)

H. Diversity (0-3 units)


II. Additional College Requirements (24-38 units)

A. Nonbusiness Course Requirements (6-20 units)

Foreign Language (0-14 units)

* Students with pre-existing language capabilities that satisfy the foreign language requirements will be required to replace those units with sufficient approved non-business electives to meet the minimum 120 units required by the College of Business for graduation.

C. Upper Division Business Core (3 units)

Select one writing course (3 units):

III. Major Requirements (21 units)

A. Required economics courses (12 units)

B. Economics electives numbered 300 - 499 (9 units)

IV. Minor Requirements (0 units)

V. Electives (business or non-business) (18-42 units)

A. Eleven of these units must be upper-division.

*Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with an Economics major may consider a dual major in a complementary area.  Optional tracks include:

  • Regional Studies (dual majors in Geography/Economics
  • Pre-law/Public Policy (dual majors in Political Science/Economics)
  • International Affairs (dual majors in International Affairs/Economics)\
  • Graduate School (dual majors in Math/Economics)
  • Behavioral Economics (dual majors in Psychology/Economics)

Please see an Economics advisor or consult the Economics major advising website at for more information regarding the specific courses required for each track.

You should meet with a faculty advisor representing each of your declared majors each semester to discuss your coursework and progress toward graduation.  You can find a list of College of Business Administration faculty advisors and contact information at

VI. Total Units (120 units)

VII. Recommended Schedule

A. First Year (29 units)

B. Second Year (30 units)

C. Third Year (31 units)

D. Fourth Year (30 units)

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