University General Course Catalog 2015-2016 
    May 19, 2019  

Journalism, B.A.

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The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Journalism serves as the venue for a variety of professional training programs. It has a tradition of strong professional orientation with an emphasis on hands-on skills training. We prepare students for success and leadership in legacy and emerging media sectors through our teaching, our research and creative activity, and our engagement with the media professions and the community. Our educational emphasis is high tech, high touch, experiential and ethical.

Contact Information

301 Reynolds School of Journalism
(775) 784-6531

Paul Mitchell (freshman) -
Sally Echeto (sophomore/transfer) -

Graduation Requirements

Total Units 120
Cumulative GPA 2.5
University GPA 2.0
Major GPA 2.5
Residency Requirement 30 Upper-Division Units at UNR
Upper-Division Requirement 40 Upper-Division Units
Half Program Units/4 Year Institution 60 Units


I. University Core Curriculum Requirements (36-45 units)

NOTE: Refer to the Core Curriculum  chapter of this catalog for information regarding the “Core English and Math Completion Policy”.

A. English (3-8 units)

Refer to the “English” section of the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog. 

NOTE: Students who place into ENG 102  are not required to complete ENG 101 .

B. Mathematics (3-5 units)

Refer to the “Mathematics” section of the Core Curriculum  chapter of this catalog. 

C. Natural Sciences (6-8 units)

Refer to the “Natural Sciences” section of the Core Curriculum  chapter of this catalog for a list of appropriate courses. At least one Group A course is required. 

D. Social Sciences (3 units)

 Students my choose one from the following:

E. Fine Arts (3 units)

Refer to the “Fine Arts” section of the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog. 

F. Core Humanities (9 units)

Refer to the “Core Humanities” section of the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog. 

G. Capstone Courses (6 units)

Journalism students may not use any required journalism course to satisfy this requirement. At least one of the two Capstone courses required must be taken outside the School of Journalism.

H. Diversity (3 units)

Refer to the “Diversity” section of the Core Curriculum  chapter of this catalog. 

II. Additional School Requirements (37-41 units)

Courses used to fulfill Core Curriculum requirements may not be reused in Additional School Requirements except for a few Diversity courses.

A. Foreign Language (4-8 units)

Must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language equal to a second-semester course level by:

(a) completion of a second-semester college course in a foreign language, 
(b) placement examination or other means through the Department of World Languages and Literatures.


  1. First-semester foreign language courses are prerequisites for the courses listed above. 
  2. Four years of high school foreign language instruction does not satisfy this requirement.

B. Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements (15 units)

At least 65 of the 120 required units must be taken in the Liberal Arts.

Literature (3 units)


The number of units required in the Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirement varies based upon the minor or second major selected by each student.  Many students must complete more than the minimum 12 units required here to complete the 65 units in the Liberal Arts requirement.  

Choose additional Liberal Arts and Sciences courses from any of the following prefixes: AM, ANTH, ART, AST, BASQ, CHEM, CHI, CH, COM, DAN, ECON, ENG, ENV, ETS, FLL, FREN, GEOG, GEOL, GER, HGPS, HIST, HON, IAFF, ITAL, JPN, MATH, MUS, PHIL, PHYS, PSC, PSY, RST, SOC, SPAN, THTR, & WMST.

Students may also be required to complete some general elective coursework to reach the 120 total units required for graduation.

C. Outside Field of Study (18 units minimum)

All Journalism majors are required to complete one of the following:

  1. A minor field of study
  2. A dual major

III. Major Requirements (36 units)

The 36 Journalism major units include:

  • 21 Journalism Core units
  • 15 Journalism Elective units

12 of the required 36 units must be earned in courses numbered 400-499.

B. Journalism Electives (15 units)

Any upper-division journalism course, not in the Journalism Core, may apply here. At the time they declare the major, students are invited to select an emphasis specializing in a particular professional field (e.g., News, Strategic Communication, Visual Design). Students are strongly recommended, but not required to select one of these emphases. Overall, students must complete 5 upper-division classes, TWO of which must be at the 400-level.


a. Required Courses (9 units)

b. Elective Courses (3 units)

Choose at least ONE of the following courses (this course may be taken in conjunction with the second of your 300-level news classes).

Strategic Communications

b. Elective Courses (3-6 units)

Based on their performance in these prior courses, students may be invited to participate in one or both of the following courses (faculty permission is required):

Visual Design

a. Required Courses (12 units)

Other Upper-Division Electives

Many other upper-division electives are taught semester-to-semester. Please check the schedule of classes on the RSJ website for a list of those courses taught in a given semester. For a complete list of journalism courses, visit the Course Descriptions  section in the online catalog.

IV. Minor Requirements

See “C. Outside Field of Study” above in “Section II. Additional School Requirements”.

V. Electives (0-11 units)

VI. Recommended Schedule

Due to the sequential nature of the prerequisites for many upper-division courses, students who begin their journalism courses after the second freshman semester are advised that completing the journalism curriculum may delay their planned date of graduation, especially if following a career emphasis.

A. First Year

First Semester (18-19 units)

Second Semester (14 units)

B. Second Year

First Semester (12 units)

Second Semester (15 units)

C. Third Year

First Semester (15 units)

Second Semester (15 units)

  • JOUR Emphasis course (3 units)
  • JOUR Elective (3 units)
  • Minor course (3 units)
  • Literature course (3 units)
  • Core Curriculum Diversity or General Elective (3 units)

D. Fourth Year

First Semester (15 units)

Second Semester (15 units)

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