University General Course Catalog 2018-2019 
    Jun 26, 2019  
University General Course Catalog 2018-2019

Extractive Metallurgy, Minor

I. Contact Information

Chemical and Materials Engineering Department
474 Paul Laxalt Mineral Research
(775) 784-6771

II. Description

This minor is open to all students in an engineering major except students in the Extractive Metallurgy emphasis of the B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering program. Courses may be used to satisfy the major and minor requirements simultaneously.

In addition to the general university requirements of at least a “C” (2.0) GPA for graduation, all Extractive Metallurgy minors must earn at least a “C” in those minor courses designated with an asterisk (*) and a “C” average for all courses used to satisfy the minor requirements.

III. Program Requirements (19 units)