University General Course Catalog 2018-2019 
    Jan 25, 2021  

Las Positas College: Silver Core Curriculum Transfer Agreement

  • A candidate for a bachelor’s degree must earn a minimum of 120 units, at least 40 of which must be in courses numbered 300 or above. A minimum of 60 units must be taken at a 4-year institution with a minimum of 30 units (300-level or above) in residence at the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Students who graduate from a California community college with an Associate of Arts-Transfer, Associate of Science-Transfer, IGETC, or CSU BREADTH automatically fulfill lower-division general education requirements (CO1-8) at the University unless specific general education courses are required for completion of the student’s major program.
  • To find out how other courses transfer, visit the course equivalency guide.

Contact Information

University of Nevada, Reno
Transfer Center
(775) 784-4700 option 2
Fitzgerald Student Services Building, Second Floor

University Core Curriculum Office 
(775) 784-4710
Clark Administration Building, Room 206

Las Positas College Transfer Center 
Room 1604
(925) 424-1423

To ensure a successful transition to the University and graduation in four years, students must work with academic advisors at UNR and LPC throughout their career.

Completion of either the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or the California State University Breadth Requirement (CSU), or the Associates of Arts for Transfer (AA-T) or the Associates of Science for Transfer (AS-T) may satisfy the lower-division general education requirements at UNR. Certification of the IGTEC or CSU Breadth must be provided from the institution as a separate official document or listed on the transcript. The AA-T or AS-T must be listed on the transcript from the California Community College. Courses not listed may be evaluated  on an individual basis.

Note: If you have declared a major, please refer to the University Catalog for specific college requirements in the Silver Core Curriculum.

Silver Core General Education Requirements

Complete the courses listed below at Las Positas College to meet the General Education requirements for your major program at the University of Nevada, Reno.

NOTE: Refer to the Core Curriculum  chapter of this catalog for information regarding  the “Core English and Math Completion Policy.”

Silver Core Writing (3-6 units) - CO1, CO3

  • UNR ENG 101: ENG 1A
  • UNR ENG 102: ENG 4 or 7

Silver Core Mathematics (3 units minimum) - CO2

  • MATH 1, 5, 20, 33, 34, 40, 45

Silver Core Natural Sciences (6 units minimum) - CO4, CO4L

At least one of the courses used here must include an appropriate lab experience:

  • CO4L: ANTH 1 & 1L; CHEM 1A, 1B; GEOG 1 & 1L; GEOL 1 & 1L; PHYS 8A & 8B
  • CO4: ANTH 1; ASTR 10, 20, 10 & 30, 20 & 30; GEOG 1; GEOL 1, 12; PHYS 10

Silver Core Social Sciences (3 units) - CO6

  • ANTH 2, 3; ECON 1, 2; GEOG 2; POLI 7, 20, 25, 30; PSYC 1; SOC 1; SPCH 1; WMST 1

Silver Core Fine Arts (3 units) - CO7

  • ARHS 1, 4, 5; HUMN 3, 7; MUS 1, 4, 5; THEA 10, 12

Silver Core Humanities (6 units) - CO5, CO8

History and Culture (3 units)

  • CH 201 substitution: HIST 1 OR
  • CH 202 substitution: HIST 2

United States and Nevada Constitutions (3 units)

  • CH 203 substitution: HIST 7 or POLS 7 and one of the following must be completed at UNR for CH 203 credit: HIST 102, 217, PSC 100 or PSC 208

Note: After matriculation to the University of Nevada, Reno, students may not take substitute courses for Core Humanities. Students must satisfy any remaining CH requirements by completing the required CH courses.

Additional Silver Core Requirements

Complete the courses listed below at Las Positas College to meet the lower-division additional Silver Core requirements for your major program at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Science, Technology & Society - CO9

  • CHEM 1B

Diversity & Equity - CO10

  • RELS 1 OR
  • WMST 1

Global Context Course - CO11

  • RELS 1

Ethics Course - CO12

  • PHIL 2

Capstone Integration & Synthesis Course - CO13

Complete this upper-division requirement at UNR.

Application Course - CO14

Complete this upper-division requirement at UNR.