University General Course Catalog 2019-2020 
    Apr 12, 2021  

Geography (Geotechnologies Specialization), B.S.

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The Geography Department offers a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Geotechnologies. The Geotechnologies specialization emphasizes proficiency in geo-spatial methods. Additional skills developed include: critical thinking and reasoning, visual design, research techniques, oral and written communications, and mathematics and statistics. Students obtaining the Geotechnologies specialization will learn the tools, methods, and software necessary to manage and analyze spatial data and information. Students may choose to take internship credits towards their degree. The courses and specialization can be applied towards becoming a certified GIS Professional (GISP) from the GIS Certification Institute. This specialization is recommended for students interested in employment as a GIS or Remote Sensing Analyst, Cartographer, Planner, or graduate study in Geography or related Geotechnology field. All students are required to have a minor.

Contact Information

Mackay Science 201
(775) 784-6995

Mackay School Advisor: Jennifer O’Neil

Transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno

Use the transfer agreement  and the degree planner (available by clicking Print degree planner icon at the top right of this page) to build your plan for graduation with your advisor. Course substitutions not identified on the transfer agreement require UNR advisor approval.

If a major-to-major transfer agreement is not available for your transfer institution, please check the General Core agreement  if available. If neither is available, access established transfer course equivalencies to assist in your planning.

Graduation Requirements

  • Total Units | 120
  • Cumulative GPA | 2.0
  • University GPA | 2.0
  • Major GPA | 2.0
  • Residency Requirement | 30 Upper-Division Units at UNR
  • Major Residency Requirement | 15 Upper-Division Units in the major at UNR
  • Upper-Division Requirement | 40 Upper-Division Units
  • Half Program Units/4 Year Institution | 60 Units

I. Silver Core General Education Requirements (26-33 units)

NOTE: Refer to the Core Curriculum chapter of this catalog for information regarding the “Core English and Math Completion Policy  .”

Students in this major must meet all Silver Core Objectives (CO1 through CO14). Courses satisfying Core Objectives are designated (e.g., CO9) in General Catalog curricula and course description.

A. Silver Core Writing and Prerequisite (3-6 units) - CO1, CO3

B. Silver Core Mathematics and Prerequisite (4-7 units) - CO2

C. Silver Core Natural Sciences (7-8 units) - CO4, CO4L

D. Silver Core Social Sciences (3 units) - CO6

E. Silver Core Fine Arts (3 units) - CO7

Refer to the Core Curriculum chapter for a list of approved CO7 courses .

II. Additional Silver Core Requirements (9 units maximum)

Students must take courses that satisfy the following Core Objectives. Some or all of these Silver Core Objectives may be satisfied in the Major Requirements (Section IV). Refer to the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog.

A. Science, Technology & Society Course - CO9

The following recommended courses can also be used in the Geography Electives:

B. Diversity & Equity Course - CO10

The following recommended course can also be used in the Geography Electives:

C. Global Context Course - CO11

D. Ethics Course - CO12

E. Capstone Integration & Synthesis Course - CO13

The following recommended courses can also be used in the Geography Electives:

F. Application Course - CO14

III. Additional College Requirements (0 units)

IV. Major Requirements (48 units)

A. Geography Core (21 units)

B. Geotechnologies Specialization (18 units)

C. Geography Electives (9 units)

Physical Science OR Human/Environment courses

Geography Human/Environment Courses

V. Minor Requirements (18-21 units)

VI. Electives (9-20 units)

VII. Recommended Schedule

A. First Year

Fall Semester (15 units)

B. Second Year

Fall Semester (15 units)

C. Third Year

Fall Semester (15 units)

Spring Semester (15 units)

D. Fourth Year

Fall Semester (15 units)

Spring Semester (15 units)

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