University General Course Catalog 2020-2021 
    Apr 14, 2024  

University Studies Abroad Consortium

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Study Abroad Programs

UNR students participating in study abroad programs may be eligible for federal financial aid if they complete an academic advisor-approved curriculum at the study abroad site.

Virginia Street Gym, #5
Mailstop 0323, Reno, NV 89557-0323
(775) 784-6569; 1-866-404-USAC (8722)
Email: and

Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, and Turkey

The University of Nevada, Reno is the lead institution of the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) whose Central Office is located on campus. Nevada and 32 other U.S. universities offer programs in 26 countries. Nevada credits or transferable credits, field trips, small classes, internships, service-learning, and fully integrated living opportunities are key components of the programs.

Australia: Full Curriculum Studies

Courses are offered in many fields such as art, Australian studies, Asian Studies, biology, business, chemistry, computing, criminology, dance, drama, engineering, environmental science, geology, journalism, philosophy, policing, psychology, public relations, nutrition, social work, sports management, water sciences and women’s studies. Internships are also available. Typically scheduled during the spring (February-June) and fall (July-November) semesters, the programs are held at Deakin University with campuses in Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool as well as Griffith University with campuses in Gold Coast and Brisbane. There is also a 3-week January (Australia’s summer) session in Melbourne.

Brazil: Brazilian Culture Studies, Global Economy, and Natural Resources Management

The Florianopólis program offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the incredibly diverse and dynamic culture of Brazil while living on a beautiful sub-tropical island and studying at one of South America’s most prestigious universities. The program is ideal for students who want to learn about the world’s fifth-largest country, one of the fastest-growing economies, and its diverse mix of European, African, and indigenous cultures. Students will take courses in which Brazil is a world leader including intensive Portuguese language which is offered to all students at the start of the program. Field trips, optional tours, immersion opportunities, housing and more combine to offer students a unique learning experience. The program is offered for the summer, semester, and year.

Chile: Spanish Language, Latin American, Anthropological, and International Studies

This program is ideal for students who wish to experience the charm and physical beauty of Chile. Students will study the Spanish language and the complexities of Chilean and contemporary Latin American societies through a wide selection of academic courses as well as through personal interaction with the host culture. Field studies are available to discover the unique culture of the north and south. This program is offered in the city of Santiago for the summer, semester, and year. Internships are also available based on a student’s interest.

China: Chinese Language, International Business, and Culture Studies

These programs are located in Chengdu and Shanghai.  Student taking language courses can earn up to one and a half years of university language requirements in one semester.  International business courses are available only in Shanghai. For those wanting to explore additional areas, courses in art history, economics, education, anthropology, political science, literature, history, and calligraphy are taught in English and offer a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the complexities of China and Asia. These programs are offered for the summer, semester, and year. Internships are also available based on a student’s interest.

Costa Rica: Spanish Language, Ecological, Life and Health Sciences and Latin American Studies

This program is designed for the student committed to learning both the Spanish language and/or ecology and life sciences while studying the diverse cultures of Latin America and the complexities of its societies through formal coursework as well as through personal interaction with the host culture. Language, ecology, biology, life science, health science, political science, art, history and sociology courses are offered for the summer, semester, and year in Heredia, Puntarenas, and San Ramón, as well as a January session in Puntarenas. Courses are designed for science and non-science majors and include Honors eligible coursework. Field studies complement most courses. Internships are also available based on a student’s interest.

Cuba: Cuban History, Society, Politics, and Culture Studies

This summer or January program offers an unparalleled opportunity to visit this enchanting island and legendary city of Havana to learn about its culture and society. The courses will examine the history of former Spanish colonies, and the twentieth-century, during which Cuba played a significant geopolitical role. Many of these courses include field trips offering hands-on experience with the subject matter, such as Old Havana, Matanzas, Pinar del Rio, a tobacco factory, and Varadero Beach. Students will have the opportunity to experience the past, present, and future realities of Cuban society and its fusion of Spanish, African, and American flavors to create a rich culture of its own.

Czech Republic: European Politics, Culture, and Art Studies

This program based in the medieval city of Prague offers courses in art, literature, architecture, music, film, political science, business, history and social sciences all taught in English and focusing on the Czech Republic and Europe. Students may also study the Czech language. This program is offered for the summer, semester, and year.

England: Full Curriculum, Literature, and Arts Studies

Undergraduate level courses are offered in varied disciplines during the fall and spring semesters at the University of Reading, the University of Brighton, the University of Bristol and the London Metropolitan University. Summer sessions are also available in London. 

France: French Language, Art History and European Studies

These programs are located in Lyon and Pau. Intensive French language instruction at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels are offered so you can earn up to 1 1/2 years in just one semester. Courses in literature, art, film, sociology, culture, history and political science are also available. Art History coursework is available in Lyon. Both locations are offered for the summer, semester, and year. Internships are also available based on a student’s interest.

Germany: German Language, European Studies, and Sustainability 

Lüneburg is a vibrant university town in a beautiful medieval setting just 30 minutes from Hamburg. The program offers intensive German language, anthropology, art, culture, engineering, literature, communications, political science, history and economics. This program is offered for the summer, semester, and year. Internships are also available based on a student’s interest.

Ghana: University of Ghana Undergraduate and Graduate Courses and African Studies

Rich in African culture and historical sites, you can explore Ghanaian arts, dance and music through courses and local festivals. Courses at the undergraduate and graduate level are offered in a variety of fields such as agriculture, arts, dance, law, science, social studies and religion. The program is offered for the summer, semester, and year.

India: Sociology, Service Learning, and Indian Culture Studies

The birthplace of Buddhism and yoga, India is also home to some of the world’s greatest palaces, temples and monuments, including the Taj Mahal. Bangalore, “The Garden City”, is the hub of India’s tech and business outsourcing revolution and allows you to take a variety of courses during the summer, semester, and year. Service learning for projects such as rural exposure programs and overnight camps in local villages to educate disadvantaged children, a medical program for pregnant women, advocacy and awareness programs and child rearing self-help group for women are offered. There are also projects to help local villages address agricultural needs such as harvesting rain water and building dams, and street plays in local slums to introduce topics such as child labor, global warming and female infanticide.

Ireland: University College Cork Undergraduate Courses and Irish Studies

One of the oldest universities in Ireland, University College Cork is host to the semester and year program. Just a few of the choices open to students are archaeology, Celtic civilization, English, folklore, Irish studies, music, applied psychology, applied social sciences, biological sciences, earth sciences, chemistry, physics, commerce, food science and technology and law. Summer, semester, or year program are available in Cork. In addition, a summer program is held at the National University of Ireland, Galway during which time you can enjoy one of Ireland’s most prestigious festivals, the Galway Arts Festival.

Israel: University of Haifa Undergraduate and Graduate Courses and Hebrew and Arabic Language Studies

The Haifa program is ideal for students interested in living and studying in a country at the nexus of world history and current events; you can enroll for the summer, semester, or year. Both Hebrew and Arabic language study are available at all levels of proficiency, as well as coursework in English in a variety of disciplines, including communications, contemporary Israeli and Middle East studies, economics and management, history, literature, peace and conflict studies, political science, psychology, religious studies, and sociology.

Italy: International Business, Art, Architecture, Design, History, Environmental, and Italian Studies

Programs are available in Torino, Viterbo, Reggio Emilia, or Verona. The programs offers a high-quality educational experience Italian language and culture as well as courses in international business, art and architecture, history, environmental studies, education, communication, and much more.  Students may choose courses from any area, and all students are required to take at least one course in Italian language. Programs are available for the summer, semester, or year. Internships are also available based on a student’s interest.

Japan: Japanese and East Asian Studies

Living in Hiroshima, Osaka or Nagasaki, students have the opportunity to study several levels of Japanese language from beginning to advanced, as well as a broad range of other courses taught in English in the departments of: science and information technology; biotechnology; business law and economics; and culture, education and society. This program is available for the semester and year in all three locations.

Korea: Korean and East Asian Studies

Located at Yonsei University or Kookmin University in Seoul, students are introduced to business, politics, economics, philosophy, religion and several levels of Korean language. Semester or year programs are available at Yonsei or Kookmin. Yonsei offers a summer program, as does Chonnam National University in Gwangju, Korea. 

Netherlands: Undergraduate Courses, European Studies 

The Hague program offers students the opportunity to study and live in a city of global stature–the political and diplomatic heart of the Netherlands–with a small town feel. Students will get the full Dutch student experience including social events to meet local students. Course areas include business, communication, law, politics, culture, and Dutch language. This program is offered for the semester and year. A summer program focused on European Studies is available in Maastricht.

New Zealand: Massey University Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Undergraduate and graduate courses are offered in the disciplines of anthropology, Asian studies, biology, computer science, drama, education, history, international business, labor studies, Maori and Pacific development, New Zealand studies, political science, religious studies, screen and media studies, social, physical and health education, and women’s and gender studies. Scheduled during the spring (February-June) and fall (July- November) semesters, the programs are held at Massey University with campuses in Palmerston North, Auckland, and Wellington. A summer internship program is available from Massey University focused on environmental studies/agribusiness/wildlife management in Hawke’s Bay or on communications/marketing/advertising in Wellington.

Norway: University of Oslo Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

The Norway program offers students the opportunity to enroll in a wide range of courses taught in English. Students can take courses in such areas as Scandinavian studies, economics, natural science, mathematics, social science, media and technology, and literature. A Norwegian for beginners course is also available. This program is offered for the semester and year.

Scotland: Full Curriculum Studies

These programs are located at the University of St Andrews and the University of Stirling. They offer students the opportunity to enroll in a wide range of courses in a variety of disciplines. Courses in diverse subjects such as international relations, Scottish history, modern languages, management, chemistry, astrophysics, economics, environmental sciences, geosciences, practical theology, and medieval history are offered. These programs are offered for the semester and year.

Spain: Spanish, Basque, European, Art History, Women’s/Gender, STEM, and International Business Studies

Five incredible locations are available to students who wish to study in Spain–Alicante, Bilbao/Getxo, Madrid, San Sebastián, and Valencia. Undergraduate and graduate courses in Spanish and/or Basque language (all levels), international business, anthropology, history, political science, literature, economics, folkdance, art history, tourism, STEM, and cuisine are available for the summer, semester, and year. There is also a three-week January session offered in Alicante. Both for credit and paid internships are available based on a student’s interest.

Sweden: Linnaeus University Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Located in Växjö/Kalmar, students can take courses in such areas such as education, engineering, health services and social work, humanities, management and economics, mathematics and systems engineering, science and social science, as well as Swedish for beginners course. This program is offered for the semester and year. A summer session focused on Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Swedish culture students is available in Kalmar.

Thailand: Asian-Pacific Rim Economics, Politics, and Culture Studies

Located at Chiang Mai University, students are introduced to the politics, economics, philosophy, religion and language of Thailand as well as to those of other Southeast Asian countries. Among a variety of activities, students also enjoy a wide range of field trips including a field study with the Hill Tribe people, elephant riding and bamboo rafting. This program is offered for the summer, semester, and year. Internships are also available based on a student’s interest.

Turkey: Bahçeşehir University Undergraduate Courses

The Istanbul program is ideal for students who are interested in studying in a city rich in nature, history, and culture at the literal crossroads of the world, where Europe meets Asia. Named the 2010 European Capital of Culture, Istanbul is an excellent location to study and immerse in a culture simultaneously ancient and modern. Students can enroll in a variety of disciplines for a summer,semester or year. Students are encouraged to take the included Turkish for Beginners course as well as courses from disciplines including architecture and design, arts and sciences, communication, economics, engineering, and law.

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