University General Course Catalog 2020-2021 
    Jul 15, 2024  

Statistics and Data Science, Ph.D.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a doctoral program in Statistics and Data Science to provide training in the fundamental methods and concepts of modern statistics and the emerging statistical area of data science. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary collaborative research, which is intrinsic to statistics and data science. The program builds research and computational skills that position students to be competitive in pursuing careers at academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, corporations, government agencies, and as private consultants.

Contact Information

Mihye Ahn, Ph.D., Statistics Graduate Program Director
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557
(775) 6827177

Program Objectives/Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Develop the advanced computational skills necessary to solve applied problems involving data.
  • Attain a deep understanding of the theory of statistics and data science sufficient to critically evaluate research done by others.
  • Demonstrate the ability to do independent research and to communicate the results of this research, both orally and in writing.
  • Acquire breadth of knowledge and the skills necessary to successfully collaborate or consult in a professional setting.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet all degree admission requirements of the Graduate School. In addition, applicants must submit Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores and arrange for three letters of recommendation from people familiar with the applicant’s academic record and potential for advanced work in statistics and data science. The completion of a Master’s degree in mathematics or statistics prior to enrollment in the doctoral program is strongly recommended. All international students must comply with the appropriate Graduate School requirements. In particular, applicants whose native language is not English must include a TOEFL or IELTS score. For application deadlines and further information, please visit the Program website.

I. Program Requirements

Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy degree must satisfy all general requirements of the Graduate School. Before being admitted to candidacy, the student must complete all of the non-elective, non-dissertation coursework, and have passed qualifying examinations on graduate level material in statistics. The following courses or their equivalents must be satisfactorily completed for the doctoral degree in statistics and data science.

B. Elective Courses (25 units)

  • 700-Level STAT (25 units)

Work with your advisor to select electives based on research interests. Additional coursework may be accepted, but the advisor or Graduate Program Director must approve in advance all coursework to be included on the program of study.

II. Total Credits (72 units)