University General Course Catalog 2022-2023 
    Mar 02, 2024  

Mechanical Engineering, B.S. in M.E., TMCC/UNR 2+3 Pathway

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The pathway from TMCC to obtain a B.S. degree in mechanical Engineering at UNR under this “2+3” arrangement represents a final vital component of the Learn and Earn Advanced-career Pathway framework (LEAP) in Manufacturing spearheaded by the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). 

LEAP is a dynamic framework that consists of multiple fully integrated, highly flexible pathways within which credit transfers seamlessly with no gaps from High School to Community College and ultimately to University. Each stage within the framework represents “on and off ramps” thereby enabling a student to enter the workforce while offering opportunities to re-enter the pathway at a later date to take further advanced qualifications and degrees. 

There are two different pathways for students to obtain a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering at UNR after beginning their studies in Advanced Manufacturing at TMCC, depending on whether they are pursuing both the AAS and AS degrees at TMCC or the AAS degree only. This proposal is specific to situations in which students pursue the AAS degree only at TMCC, and is described in more detail below.

For students pursuing the AAS degree only at TMCC, they will complete two years of course work at TMCC, after which they can gain admission and transfer to UNR as second year students and enroll in required courses towards a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering. Provided they follow the suggested coursework, students can graduate with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from UNR in three additional years.

From the university’s point of view, through this “2+3” conduit UNR gains access to a larger pool of potential applicants as many students currently undertaking certifications and degrees in manufacturing fields at TMCC have articulated the desire to pursue undergraduate studies in engineering at UNR. In addition, UNR would attract a student population that enters academic studies with practical manufacturing industry experience.

Contact Information

Truckee Meadows Community College
Natalie Brown
Director, Advisement and Transfer Center
Red Mountain Building, Room 111

University of Nevada, Reno 
Ivy Chin
Engineering Advising Center
Edmund J. Cain Hall 108

Mechanical Engineering Department 
200 Palmer Engineering
(775) 784-6931

Program Requirements

Students in this program will need to satisfy all the requirements for the Associate of Applied Science in Advanced Manufacturing at TMCC and the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering  at UNR.

Recommended Schedule

Associate’s First Semester (15 units)

  • ENG 101 - Composition I (3 units)
  • MATH 181 - Calculus I (4 units) CO2
  • DFT 110 - Print Reading for Industry (3 units)
  • ELM 110 - Electrical/Electronic Circuits (4 units)
  • OSH 222 - General Industry Safety (1 unit)

Associate’s Second Semester (16 units)

  • MATH 182 - Calculus II
  • ENG 102 - Composition II (3 units) CO1, CO3
  • ELM 127 - Introduction to AC Controls (3 units)
  • MPT 150 - Solid Modeling for Manufacturing Technicians (3 units)
  • MTT 150 - Metallurgy I (3 units)

Associate’s Third Semester (17 units)

  • PHYS 180 - Physics for Scientists and Engineers I (3 units) CO4
  • PHYS 180L - Physics for Scientists/Engineers Lab I (1 unit) CO4L
  • ELM 233 - Introduction to Instrumentation (3 units)
  • MPT 110 - Automated Production Concepts I (3 units)
  • MTT 230 - Computer Numerical Control I (3 units)
  •  U.S. and Nevada Constitutions (3 units) CO8 Required: CH 203 -American Experiences and Constitutional Change (3 units) CO5, CO8 

Associate’s Fourth Semester (13 units)

  • CHEM 121 - General Chemistry I (4 units) CO4L
  • ENGR 100 - Introduction to Engineering Design (3 units)
  • MPT 140 - Quality Control (3 units)
  • Fine Arts/Humanities/Social Science (3 units) Required: THTR 210 - Theatre: a Cultural Context (3 units) CO7, CO10

Bachelor’s Ninth Semester (15 units)

Bachelor’s Tenth Semester (14 units)

  • (4 units) CO12, CO14
  • Mathematics/Science Elective (3 units)
  • Mechanical Engineering Elective (3 units)
  • Mechanical Engineering Restricted Elective (3 units)
  • Mechanical Engineering Restricted Elective Lab (1 unit)

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