University General Course Catalog 2023-2024 
    Jul 22, 2024  
University General Course Catalog 2023-2024

Theatre (Design/Technology Specialization), B.A.

Students selecting the Design/Technology Specialization receive individualized training and mentoring as backstage technicians, scenery and costume shop workers, stage electricians, stage managers and as theatrical designers.  After completing basic training in the classroom, backstage, and in our modern, fully equipped lighting laboratory, scenery lab, and costume lab spaces, students are asked to focus their study in two of three areas: scenery, lighting, and costumes.  Students then have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of one or both of these areas through additional coursework in design and technology Additional opportunities exist for students to broaden their study by taking a course in another design/tech focus area or in another area of theatrical study.  The Design/Technology Specialization provides dedicated undergraduate students with the opportunity to design for the main stage, allowing them to gain practical experience with budgeting, collaboration, and execution of design.  Design/Tech students are well prepared for various roles within the profession or for entry into graduate school.


Contact Information

Department of Theatre and Dance
Church Fine Arts Complex 017
(775) 784-6829

College of Liberal Arts Advising:

Transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno

Use the transfer agreement  and the degree planner (available by clicking Print degree planner icon at the top right of this page) to build your plan for graduation with your advisor. Course substitutions not identified on the transfer agreement require UNR advisor approval.

If a major-to-major transfer agreement is not available for your transfer institution, please check the General Core agreement  if available. If neither is available, access Transferology to assist in your planning.

Graduation Requirements

  • Total Units | 120
  • Cumulative GPA | 2.0
  • University GPA | 2.0
  • Major GPA | 2.0
  • Residency Requirement |  30 Upper-Division Units at UNR
  • Major Residency Requirement | 15 Upper-Division Units in the major at UNR
  • Upper-Division Requirement | 42 Upper-Division Units

I. Core General Education Requirements (24-27 units)

NOTE: Refer to the Core Curriculum chapter of this catalog for information regarding  the “Core English and Math Completion Policy  .”

Students in this major must meet all Core Objectives (CO1 through CO14). Courses satisfying Core Objectives are designated (e.g., CO9) in General Catalog curricula and course descriptions.

A. Composition & Communication; Critical Analysis & Use of Information (3-6 units) - CO1, CO3

B. Quantitative Reasoning (3 units minimum) - CO2

Refer to the Core Curriculum chapter for a list of approved CO2 courses .

C. Physical & Natural Phenomena (6 units minimum) - CO4, CO4L

Refer to the Core Curriculum chapter for a list of approved CO4/CO4L courses .

D. Cultures, Societies, & Individuals (3 units) - CO6

Refer to the Core Curriculum chapter for a list of approved CO6 courses .

E. Artistic Composition, Interpretation, & Expression (3 units) - CO7

F. History & Culture; Constitution (6 units) - CO5, CO8

Refer to the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog. 

II. Additional Core Requirements (6 units maximum)

Students must take courses that satisfy the following Core Objectives. Some or all of these Core Objectives may be satisfied in the Major Requirements (Section IV).  Refer to the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog.

A. Science, Technology & Society - CO9

Refer to the Core Curriculum chapter for a list of approved CO9  courses.

B. Diversity & Equity - CO10

C. Global Contexts - CO11

D. Ethics - CO12

Refer to the Core Curriculum chapter for a list of approved CO12  courses.

E. Capstone Integration & Synthesis - CO13

F. Application - CO14

Choose one course; the following courses count in the Major Requirement:

III. Additional College Requirements (6-20 units)

Units may vary depending on initial course placement in foreign language coursework.

A. World Language Requirement (0-14 units)

Students seeking this bachelor’s degree must demonstrate proficiency in a world language other than English equal to a fourth semester course level through one of the following options:

  1. complete a fourth semester college course in a world language other than English;
  2. demonstrate proficiency through a means determined by the Department of World Languages and Literatures including but not limited to minimum standardized test scores (CBAPE, SAT II, or IB), attaining a minimum aptitude on an accredited world language assessment test, or providing transcript evidence of a high school or equivalent diploma in which English was not the language of instruction; or,
  3. participate in a study abroad language program pre-approved by the Department of World Languages and Literatures to meet the world language requirement. 

Note: Four years of high school world language instruction does not automatically satisfy this requirement.

B. College Breadth Requirement (6 units)

Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree in the college shall be required to take, within the College of Liberal Arts, 6 units that are outside the departments in which they major or minor, and that exclude courses taken to fulfill the Core General Education requirements (Core Objectives 1 through 8).

IV. Major Requirements (35 units)

Theatre BA Foundation (17 units)

Design/Technology Specialization (18 units)

B. Design Focus (6 units)

Choose from the following courses:

C. Design Electives (6 units)

Choose from the following courses:

V. Minor Requirements (18-21 units)

The Department of Theatre and Dance accepts any minor approved by the College of Liberal Arts.

VI. Electives (11-31 units)

VII. Recommended Schedule

First Year

Fall Semester (15 units)

Spring Semester (15 units)

Second Year

Fall Semester (14 units)

Spring Semester (16 units)

Third Year

Fall Semester (16 units)

Spring Semester (16 units)

  • (3 units) CO10, CO13
  • Ethics (3 units) CO12
  • Cultures, Societies, & Individuals (3 units) CO6
  • 300-400 Level Minor (3 units) 
  • Additional Practicum Elective (1 units)
  • THTR Design Focus course (3 units) OR
  • THTR Design Elective (3 units) 

Fourth Year

Fall Semester (14 units)

  • (1 unit)
  • Science, Technology & Society (3 units) CO9
  • 300-400 Level Minor (6 units)
  • Additional Practicum Elective (1 unit)
  • THTR Design Focus (3 units) OR 
  • THTR Design Elective (3 units)

Spring Semester (14 units)

  • THTR Design Elective (3 units) OR 
  • THTR Design Focus (3 units)
  • 300-400 Level Minor (6 units) 
  • General Elective (5 units)