University General Course Catalog 2022-2023 
    Oct 06, 2022  
University General Course Catalog 2022-2023

Course Registration, Registration Holds, and Course and University Withdrawal

Students will find registration instructions in MyNEVADA Help and on the University’s web site. Students must obtain advisor approval and, as required, satisfy the course and/or test score placement prerequisite for their registration to be valid when fees are paid.

Due to the specialization and unique nature of self-supporting online programs, students in these programs will only be eligible to register in specific online only courses as prescribed by their program of study.

Each department is authorized to cancel the registration of any student who does not:

  • Satisfy the course or test score placement prerequisites.
  • Attend class during the first week of instruction.
  • Obtain prior permission to register for more than one section of a class.

Students may enroll in non-repeatable courses twice without special permission. Non-repeatable courses are those in which credit can be earned only once. Effective for the Fall 2016 registration period, advisor permission is required to enroll in a non-repeatable course a third or subsequent time.

The maximum number of credits students may take each semester, with the approval of the assigned faculty advisor, is 21 undergraduate credits or 16 graduate credits. Noncredit courses are considered as credit equivalents. Any exception to these regulations requires the advance written approval by the dean of the student’s college. Graduate students must obtain the approval of the graduate dean.