University General Course Catalog 2022-2023 
    Feb 04, 2023  
University General Course Catalog 2022-2023

Application for Graduation

University of Nevada, Reno students should follow these instructions in applying for graduation:

Students must meet with an academic advisor to review their Academic Advising Report before submitting an application for graduation.

The graduation application period for each term opens when registration for that term opens. Applications must be submitted in MyNEVADA by:

  • March 1st for May graduation applicants
  • June 1st for August graduation applicants
  • October 1st for December graduation applicants

Students in good academic standing become eligible to apply for graduation when they have 99 units including in-progress enrollment. Students are assigned “Eligible” status nightly when registration is open.

A non-refundable $95 graduation fee is calculated in MyNEVADA approximately 24 hours after an application is submitted. The fee is due when regular class fees are due for the term or within 5 days after applying if the term has already started.

When the graduation application is submitted, the graduation status displayed at the top of the Academic Advising Report changes from “Eligible” to “Applied”.

Graduation applications are inititially reviewed in the Office of Admissions and Records. If there are no deficiencies on the report, the graduation status is changed to “Needs to Finish Pending Work”. If the report includes deficiencies, the student’s graduation status is changed to “Program in Review”. Students must work with their advisor(s) to resolve deficiencies prior to the reconciliation dates below.

By April 1st (Spring applicants), August 1st (Summer applicants), and November 1st (Fall applicants) each applicant’s Academic Advising Report must be “Needs to Finish Pending Work”. Applicants whose reports are not “Needs to Finish Pending Work” by the reconciliation dates above will be removed from the graduation applicant list for the term.

* Correspondence regarding applications for graduation is sent to each student’s email address. Students may update their preferred email address via the Student Self-Service Center.