University General Course Catalog 2021-2022 
    Jun 25, 2022  
University General Course Catalog 2021-2022
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EDCT 665 - Teaching in Career & Technical Education

(3 units)
Methods and materials in area of specialty: (a) agricultural education, (b) business education, (d) industrial education, or (e) technology education.

Prerequisite(s): Accepted into a degree seeking graduate program.

Grading Basis: Graded
Units of Lecture: 3
Offered: Every Summer - Odd Years

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. describe the personal and professional characteristics of an effective teacher.
2. develop, present, and implement a complete lesson plan for an informational presentation.
3. develop appropriate formative and summative assessments for both written and activity-oriented assignments.
4. describe how various teaching methods could be used to meet different students’ needs for the same lesson by writing a reflective paper which shows track comments on how the lesson worked and what needs to be adjusted or changed in the future teaching of the lesson.
5. describe various processes/procedures for managing the learning environment using both classroom management and behavior management strategies in a well-developed essay.

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