University General Course Catalog 2022-2023 
    Feb 04, 2023  
University General Course Catalog 2022-2023
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ART 750 - Collaborative Strategies

(3 units)

In this seminar students integrate collaborative art-making into their practice. Particular emphasis will be placed on the value that different voices and perspectives add to the artwork’s complexity as students develop their Thesis Exhibition.

Course approved beginning in Spring 2023.

Maximum units a student may earn: 3

Prerequisite(s): formerly Sierra Nevada University Interdisciplinary Art MFA student.

Grading Basis: Graded
Units of Lecture: 3
Offered: Every Fall and Spring

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. create finished artworks that further articulate their voice and demonstrate the complexities of context in individual form.
2. continue to design and execute artworks from a sustainable practice, demonstrating increased creativity in placement and design.
3. show an increased ability to speak about their work and others’ work within its broader community and global contexts.

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