University General Course Catalog 2022-2023 
    Jan 27, 2023  
University General Course Catalog 2022-2023
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ANTH 641A - Archaeology of the Old World

(3 units)
Survey of current archaeological knowledge about a particular area of the Old World to be selected from Africa, Asia and Europe. May be repeated when course content differs.

Maximum units a student may earn: 6

Grading Basis: Graded
Units of Lecture: 3
Offered: Every Fall - Odd Years

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. identify the major geographic divisions of the Eurasian continent.
2. describe the basic culture histories of these areas.
3. compare trajectories of sociocultural and technological change across Eurasia.
4. evaluate the causes of culture change across the continent using data from archaeological sites and specific case studies from the literature.
5. evaluate the development of Eurasian Paleolithic archaeology in intellectual and historical context.
6. synthesize overall trends in human biological and cultural evolution across Eurasia.

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