University General Course Catalog 2021-2022 
    Nov 29, 2021  
University General Course Catalog 2021-2022

English (Cinema and Media Studies), Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Cinema and Media Studies introduces students to a variety of approaches to analyzing film and related media through the study of directors, genres, film style, film theory, aesthetic theories, and relationships between media and society. While housed in the Department of English, this minor offers students the opportunity to take film- and media-related coursework in many other fields such as Art, History, Journalism, and Music.

Because this is an interdisciplinary minor, it may be taken by students in all majors, including English majors.

Contact Information

Department of English
Frandsen Humanities 119
(775) 784-6689

College of Liberal Arts Student Center
Thompson Building 101
(775) 682-8745

I. Program Requirements (18 units)

  • Minor GPA | 2.0
  • Minor Upper-Division Units | 9
  • Minor Residency Requirement | 6 Upper-Division Units in the minor at UNR
  • Unit Overlap Limits: No more than 9 units counted toward any major may be reused to meet the requirements of this minor.

Additional limitations are as follows:

  • English majors (including PackTeach English) may not reuse more than 3 ENG units from the major in this minor.
  • Journalism majors may not reuse more than 6 JOUR units from the major in this minor and may not use JOUR 208 to meet the elective requirement.

A. Required (3 units)

B. Upper-Division Film Studies (3 units)

Choose one upper-division film studies course offered by the Department of English:

C. Film Studies Electives (12 units)

Electives must be taken from at least two departments, which may include English. At least 6 units must be completed in courses numbered 300-499.