University General Course Catalog 2021-2022 
    Dec 03, 2022  

Agricultural Science, B.S. and Economics, B.A. Dual Degree

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This program allows students to combine a passion for providing for the world through agriculture with a powerful understanding of markets, trade, statistics, and solutions to resource allocation problems.  The combination of degrees in agriculture and economics will prepare a graduate to positively impact the world in the public and private sector in fields relating agriculture and economics. Those students who wish to continue their education in graduate school in the domain of agricultural economics will be well prepared to do so. Collaboration between the College of Business and the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources allows students the unique ability to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics within a four-year track.

Contact Information

College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources (CABNR) Student Center
Max Fleischmann Agriculture Building Rm #236
(775) 784-1634

College of Business
Ansari Business Building Rm #409

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. demonstrate mastery of fundamental agricultural, business and economic practices including livestock and crop production, familiarity with agricultural markets including futures, price forecasting and risk assessment. Students will demonstrate knowledge of trade policy and associated impact on global agricultural markets.
  2. possess analytical and critical thinking skills and will be able to develop, analyze, and interpret quantitative agricultural business and economic forecasting models.
  3. be able to communicate effectively within the agribusiness environment
  4. recognize, evaluate, and settle ethical issues.
  5. be prepared for entry-level positions in agricultural economics, or for graduate studies.

Graduation Requirements

  • Total Units | 120
  • Cumulative GPA | 2.0
  • University GPA | 2.0
  • Major GPA | 2.0
  • Residency Requirement | 30 Upper-Division Units at UNR
  • Major Residency Requirement | 15 Upper-Division Units in the major at UNR
  • Upper-Division Requirement | 40 Upper-Division Units
  • Half Program Units/4 Year Institution | 60 Units

Transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno

Use the transfer agreement  and the degree planner (available by clicking  at the top right of this page) to build your plan for graduation with your advisor. Course substitutions not identified on the transfer agreement require UNR advisor approval.

If a major-to-major transfer agreement is not available for your transfer institution, please check the General Core agreement  if available. If neither is available, access Transferology to assist in your planning.

I. General Education Requirements (25-32 units)

NOTE: Refer to the Core Curriculum chapter of this catalog for information regarding the “Core English and Math Completion Policy  .”

Students in this major must meet all Core Objectives (CO1 through CO14). Courses satisfying Core Objectives are designated (e.g., CO9) in General Catalog curricula and course descriptions.

A. Composition & Communication; Critical Analysis & Use of Information (3-6 units) - CO1, CO3

B. Quantitative Reasoning (3-7 units) - CO2

D. Cultures, Societies, & Individuals (3 units) - CO6

E. Artistic Composition, Interpretation, & Expression (3 units) - CO7

Refer to the Core Curriculum chapter of this catalog for a list of approved CO7  courses.

F. History & Culture; Constitution (6 units) - CO5, CO8

II. Additional Core Requirements (4 units maximum)

Students must take courses that satisfy the following Core Objectives. Some or all of these Core Objectives may be satisfied in the Major Requirements (Section IV).  Refer to the Core Curriculum   chapter in this catalog.

A. Science, Technology & Society - CO9

Units counted in the General Education Requirement.

B. Diversity & Equity - CO10

Choose one course; units may be counted in the Major Requirement.

C. Global Contexts - CO11

Choose one course; units may be counted in the Major requirement.

D. Ethics - CO12

E. Capstone Integration & Synthesis - CO13

F. Application - CO14

Choose one course; units may be counted in the Major Requirement. AGSC 418 is suggested. If either AGSC 410 or 411 is chosen, the prerequisite coursework will add 3-4 units to the total units required. Consult an advisor to schedule the prerequisites for AGSC 410 or AGSC 411.

III. Statistics Requirements (3-4 units)

IV. Agricultural Science Requirements (33 units)

V. Business and Economics Requirements (39-50 units)

A. Business and Economics Requirements (9 units)

B. Economics Requirements (27 units)

Complete at least 9 ECON units at the 400-Level.

C. Foreign Language Requirement (3-14 units)

Completion of a 4th semester foreign language course is required.

VI. Electives (0-16 units)

VII. Recommended Schedule

Use the Planner in MyNEVADA to build a custom graduation plan. Review and adjust the plan with an academic advisor.

A. First Year

First Semester (15 units)

Second Semester (13-14 units)

B. Second Year

First Semester (14-15 units)

C. Third Year

Second Semester (15 units)

D. Fourth Year

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