University General Course Catalog 2023-2024 
    Jul 14, 2024  
University General Course Catalog 2023-2024

Latinx Studies, Minor

Latinx Studies is an 18 unit interdisciplinary minor housed within the Gender, Race, and Identity Department.  Focused on the peoples, cultures, knowledges, and communities of Latin American descent in the United States, the minor emphasizes the diverse cultural and historical contributions of those communities and examines the variety of Latinx cultures that exist both in the United States and transnationally. The Latinx experience is considered within the context of historical and contemporary political realities that have shaped and are shaping issues ranging from immigration and citizenship, health care, education, law and justice, gender and sexuality, and other topics. Knowledge of Spanish is not required for this program; however, interested students may choose to use Spanish courses to fulfill some program requirements with prior advisor approval.

Contact Information

Department of Gender, Race, and Identity
Thompson Building 106
(775) 682-6480

College of Liberal Arts Student Center
Thompson Building 101
(775) 682-8745

I. Program Requirements (18 units)

  • Minor GPA | 2. 0
  • Minor Upper-Division Units | 9
  • Minor Residency Requirement | 6 Upper-Division Units in the minor at UNR
  • Unit Limits| Per College of Liberal Arts policy, no more than 9 units counted toward any major may be reused to meet the requirements of this minor.

B. Core II (3 units)

Choose one of the following OR a Latinx-focused Capstone Integration & Synthesis CO13 course with prior advisor approval.

C. Electives (9 units)

  • 6 units must be in 300-400 level courses;
  • 6-9 units must be from the Latinx Focused list or 300-400 level Core II courses not used above, and
  • up to 3 units may be from the list of Contextual courses.

Latinx Focused (6-9 units)

These courses consider Latinx experiences both in the United States and transnationally in historical and contemporary contexts. Note that in addition to the courses listed, GRI 491, GRI 498 and GRI 499 may apply to Group 1 Electives with advisor approval and when designed to focus on Latinx experiences.

Contextual (0-3 units)

These courses consider Latinx experiences in relation to a broader course of study. Students are encouraged to focus on Latinx topics in their research or other final projects for these courses.


Courses taken through USAC and other approved study abroad programs may be used to complete the minor with prior advisor approval.