University General Course Catalog 2016-2017 
    Jun 17, 2024  

Undeclared (STEM Meta-Major)

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The STEM Meta-major is designed for students who are considering academic studies related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. The general focus of the coursework in this meta-major contains courses in science.

The purpose of the Undeclared major is to assist students who are undecided about their academic path through a collaborative student-centered approach.  The University Advising Center engages students in the process of exploring and defining their academic and career goals and create effective strategies to achieve these goals.  Students are encouraged to take ACE 100 - Academic and Career Exploration (1 unit) in the fall semester of their freshman year to help jumpstart their decision on a major.
All Undeclared majors are strongly encouraged to choose a meta-major for their course of study.  After consultation with their advisor, students will be declared into a meta-major and will be able to choose courses that are applicable to multiple degrees within the same general academic focus area.  There are four meta-majors for undeclared students:

  • STEM Meta-major
  • Business & Communications Meta-major
  • Liberal Arts Meta-major
  • Health & Education Meta-major

Declaration of Major Policy
Undeclared students must declare a major before or upon completion of 45 credits as per the Declaration of Major Requirement policy specified in this catalog.

Contact Information

University Advising Center
Pennington Student Achievement Center, Room 405
(775) 784-4684

I. Silver Core General Education Requirements (24-27 units)

NOTE: Refer to the Core Curriculum  chapter of this catalog for information regarding the “Core English and Math Completion Policy”.

Students in this major must meet all Silver Core Objectives (CO1 through CO14). Courses satisfying Core Objectives are designated (e.g., CO9) in General Catalog curricula and course description.

A. Silver Core Writing and Prerequisite (3-6 units) - CO1, CO3

B. Silver Core Mathematics and Prerequisite (4-7 units) - CO2

C. Silver Core Natural Sciences (6 units minimum) - CO4, CO4L

D. Silver Core Social Sciences (3 units) - CO6

E. Silver Core Fine Art (3 units) - CO7

F. Silver Core Humanities (6 units) - CO5, CO8

Select two:

II. Additional Silver Core Requirements (18 units maximum)

Students must take courses that satisfy the following Core Objectives. Some or all of these Silver Core Objectives may be satisfied in the Major Requirements (Section IV).  Refer to the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog.

A. Science, Technology & Society Course - CO9

B. Diversity & Equity Course - CO10

C. Global Context Course - CO11

D. Ethics Course - CO12

E. Capstone Integration & Synthesis Course - CO13

Refer to the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog.

F. Application Course - CO14

Refer to the Core Curriculum  chapter in this catalog.

III. Additional College Requirements (0 units)

IV. STEM Meta-major Requirements (6-32 units)

B. STEM Foundational Courses (8-24 units)

Choose from the following:

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